A little about how we work…

Here at Simply Flowers we are a small shop dedicated to providing the best flowers for all of our customers. We hope you enjoy learning a little about how we work…

Our flowers are grown all over the world and come through the auctions in Holland. The flowers are bought and transported overnight to our wholesaler in Bristol in refrigerated Lorries to the Fruit and Flower Market.

We choose a selection from the flowers our wholesaler has purchased so you receive the best selection possible, seasonal, fresh and long lasting. Our wholesaler then brings our selection to the shop in the early hours of the morning – the very next day!

We then take over and get started on conditioning the fresh stock. We strip off the lower foliage, remove the thorns and prickles, wire where necessary and freshly cut each and every stem. Then we place them into bleached clean pots and water with a special professional flower food mixed in. All this effort will ensure your flowers are perfectly fresh and last longer.

Then our flowers are made up by our qualified and experienced florists. Every day we make lots of pre-ordered items for gifts, weddings and funerals, weekly corporate work for local businesses, telephone and web shop orders as well as people walking in and requesting bouquets in the shop.

Every bouquet and arrangement is made to the highest standards and always includes care instructions and flower food to ensure the flowers stay fresher for longer. We do hope that our combination of expertise, the high level of care and the decades of experience we have, all help to give you a flower experience that will keep you coming back time again.

We try very hard to ensure each and every customer gets exactly what they want and are happy with their purchase. Please remember we are a very small shop with only one or two people working at a time, each bouquet is made by hand to exact specifications and is made as fresh as possible so there may be a waiting time if you haven’t pre-ordered.

Remember, if you know you require particular flowers you can order in advance and we can guarantee exactly what you want, otherwise you can choose your favorites from our range on the stand in the shop.