Baby it’s Cold Outside

Simply Flowers Wiltshire Shopfront Autumn

I’ve never really followed fashion, but Christmas themes are an exception. Simply Flowers Wiltshire Shopfront AutumnThere are many new looks and colour ways this year but I reckon you could lump them into three main looks.

1. Handmade. Fabric decorations with buttons and large contrasting stitches, simple pinecones with loops of string, folded paper shaped into fans and animals and decoupage. Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to make anything yourself as you can buy ‘handmade’ items in all the large department stores. Just lie – no one will ever know.

2. Metallic. It’s all about mix and match. Traditional gold and silver, faded bronze and gunmetal with sparkly diamante and glitter. I’d suggest keeping colour to a minimum and stick with dark evergreen foliage as a base for the decorations.

3. Pop colours. Think traditional Christmas colours with one bright colour added. I expect it’s residual patriotism from the Jubilee, Olympics etc. But red, white and blue are looking to be really popular. Also purples, lilacs, aqua, teal and bubblegum pink are readily available. This may be the easiest look to create as you can just chose a colour, buy a few new decorations and mix them into your regular collection.