Can I request a timed delivery?

We can usually accommodate a morning or afternoon preference for delivery but this is not guaranteed. As a small shop we have one delivery vehicle and weddings and funeral flowers take priority over gift work. Please view our Delivery Policy to find out more. Or contact us.

Can I send flowers nationally?

Simply Flowers is an independent florist. Therefore we are not affiliated with a relay company (Interflora, Eflorist etc.) We are listed in Florist Exchange and recommend finding a local independent florist like us through their website in the area you need to deliver to. Or contact us and we can find one for you.

Can I send flowers to a hospital/hotel/business?

Yes. We will require a full and correct address including a recipient name, street address including a post code and ward name, room number, extension number and working times as appropriate. We recommend providing an alternative address in case delivery is not possible. For example, the recipient is off work or the hospital ward does not accept flowers.

How much does a Bridal Bouquet cost?

Bridal Bouquets vary enormously and their prices reflect this. There are many factors that need to be taken into account such as time of year, seasonality, flower selection, sizing the bouquet so it’s in proportion to the Bride who will carry it and the finished style of the bouquet. Please view our Wedding pages to find out more. Or contact us.

I'm going to a Wedding. Do I wear a Buttonhole?

Men wear buttonholes on the left hand side of their jacket lapel. Traditional choices include Carnations and Roses; however Germini, Orchids and Calla Lilies are becoming popular choices. Simply Flowers can use safety pins for children’s buttonholes. Ladies wear buttonholes or Corsages on the right hand side of their outfit (because women are always right!). These can be attached using a pin or a magnet to avoid damaging silk or satin fabrics. Corsages can also be made to wear on the wrist or attached to a handbag (envelope clutch bags work best). Popular flower choices include Freesia, Lisianthus and Spray Rose buds. Diamante, feathers, beads and glitter can all be added to compliment your outfit.

How much notice do I need to give when ordering flowers or arrangements?

We receive flowers several times a week and always keep a good selection in stock. However if you are ordering a particular design or need a large amount of flowers it’s a good idea to give us some notice. A week provides us enough time to ask our wholesaler to specifically buy flowers from the Dutch auctions for you and pretty much guarantee availability. Don’t forget to consider if you need open flowers (Lilies, Freesia, Iris etc.). Or if we’re arranging them or making something for you we’ll need time to do this. Please contact us if you are still unsure

I’ve got a Simply Flowers Voucher. What can I get with it?

If you’ve won a voucher or received one as a gift you are welcome to treat it as cash when purchasing anything from us. Our vouchers each have a unique code so if you’re unable to get to the shop you can phone us and order anything you want. Don’t forget you can use your voucher to buy anything including plants, chocolates, teddys, candles and cards.

Can I order anonymously?

Yes! Although you need to give us your name and a telephone number to allow Simply Flowers to contact you if we have any queries or problems. You can put any message on your flowers – or no message if you’d prefer. If the recipient contacts us we are legally unable to provide them with any of your details under the Data Protection Act.

I’m attending a funeral and don’t know what I should take?

Firstly, don’t worry. There are few rules about etiquette on funeral flowers these days. Contact the family, funeral director or keep an eye out in the local paper for the announcement. This will tell you if the family has chosen to ask for donations to a charity or has requested family flowers only. If you decide to send flowers you will require the date and time of the funeral as well as the funeral director’s name and address; all this information will be listed in the announcement. Florists cannot deliver to Churches or Crematoriums and it’s unusual nowadays to deliver to the family on the morning. The funeral director is expecting the flowers and is set up to deal with their transport etc. When choosing the design of your flowers it’s nice to think about your memories to reflect your relationship. Did they tend to wear a particular colour? Did they have a hobby or interest that sums them up? Talk to our team of Florists with your ideas, have a look through our photos and we can recommend the perfect tribute for you.

How do I care for my Orchid?

Phaleanopsis Orchids are gaining a reputation for being tricky to look after, although following our simple advice you can guarantee success. Choose the right spot! Orchids need 10 – 15 hours of sunlight a day to grow flowers. Artificial light is fine during winter time, so choose a room that is likely to be occupied. They also require high humidity, so don’t choose a place near a radiator unless you add a humidifier (a bowl of water next to your radiator is fine!) and misting the leaves also helps. Provide your Orchid with food during the summer when flowering but give the plant a break through the winter and just keep the soil moist. Hope this helps!

I’ve just received an Aqua-Pac (a bouquet in a box). What do I do with it?

Our Aqua-Pac Bouquets have spiralled stems and a bubble of water mixed with professional Chrysal solution (flower food). They are designed to stay as they are and provide long lasting flowers with minimal care and no mess or cleaning. Place your bouquet on a flat surface away from heaters and draughts. Top up the water every few days, ensuring the water level does not overflow. As the flowers fade, cut off the heads. Do not pull the stems from the arrangement. Once your flowers have finished and you’re ready to dispose of it, remove the bouquet from the box and snip the bag with scissors over a sink to empty the water. The flowers and box can be recycled leaving a small amount of cellophane to be binned and no dirty vase to clean! Easy!

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