My First Blog

Hi there and welcome to my first blog.Briony Carter and flowers
That line took 6 weeks to come out.

And look, now I’ve written three. Three whole lines of blogging. So by now I should know what I’m doing.
I thought I’d start by telling you about some things that I love. (And let’s take a few as givens shall we? Husbands, Mums etc. These are obvious.)

I love flowers. I love my dogs. I love food and being so warm and comfy that you involuntarily sigh with content. I love new (preferably expensive) make up. And I love making people happy. (Ahem – and Paul Hollywood too but Shhhhhh about that.)

I’m so lucky that my loves complement each other. Imagine if I loved noticing when cars were parked badly and also wanted to make people happy? ‘Sir, you’re illegally parked, but isn’t it a glorious day!’ *Whack! Hmmmm. Perhaps not.
But they do.

Every day I get to pootle around my little shop caring for and arranging the beautiful flowers that I’ve chosen to buy. People venture in to be greeted by a huge display of amazing flowers and we try as hard as we can to ensure that everyone leaves happy because they got what they wanted – and hopefully better than they expected. My dogs plod around on their walks with big smiles for everyone, always pleased to meet someone new and make them feel special. I’m always happier when I’ve just opened (another) new mascara and feel like I’ve finally found the perfect one. ‘Gosh, this one curls, lengthens and separates! Wow!’ And who doesn’t like lush food and a cuddle?! No one sane. That’s who.