January Birth Flower

January Birthday Flower

This blog is a little late for those with January Birthdays but hopefully interesting none-the-less!
We’ve all heard of Zodiac signs and Birth stones but not many of us are aware of our Birth Flower. What better way to celebrate your loved ones Birthday than with a beautiful bouquet of their own personal flower?

Those of us lucky enough to be born in January already have several good things to look forward to. We already get twice the amount of presents following the sales, something to look forward to through grey days and miserable weather and our friends and family are just looking for any excuse for a party. Now we also have Carnations as our Birth Flower.

Oh Carnations, boring.

Now wait just a second! Carnations are gorgeous. They’re affordable enough to group together into a blanket of fluffy petals. They come in all colours and with beautiful flecks of contrasting tones. They last forever (Ok, 3 weeks). They’re also the star of our very popular Flower Cakes.

Poor Carnations have a bad name but it’s not deserved. Give them another chance, buy fresh Carnations from a Florist and see for yourself how beautiful these simple little flowers can be.