Holly Wreaths are coming…


Well it’s almost here! As well as The Pogues, Cinnamon Lattes, twinkly lights and driving home in the dark, December brings us… Holly Wreaths!

As a florist, I’m very much inclined to dislike Holly Wreaths as the prickles shred my poor little fingers. However, I am actually quite keen on them. I enjoy the traditional Christmas design and adding beautiful dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon, pine cones and fabric tartan or hessian ribbon to create the time honoured Victorian style natural look. It’s also fun to play with the modern designs adding glittered ting ting, glossy lotus heads, satin ribbon and even lights, all in bold bright colours and sparkly metallics.

So why do we have Holly Wreaths at Christmas I hear you enquire? Well, I reply knowledgably (probably with some sort of pipe and beard combo)  wreaths have been used as far back as Roman and Greek times as a body adornment to represent the wearers social status, think Julius Caesar with his laurel wreath head dress.  Through the years the shape has changed to a fuller, larger circle and the meaning has evolved as well. The Advent wreath as we know it today is a Christian tradition. The evergreen foliage represents everlasting life through Jesus and the circular shape of the wreath represents God, with no beginning and no end.

So now you know, you can enjoy your beautiful Holly Wreath with your chosen colour scheme and design and feel like a Roman Emperor!